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Team Spotlight: Finbarr O’Reilly

Feb 11, 2021

Time and time again, we hear from our clients that what makes working with Goodmans special is the team we have here. We agree, they’re pretty fantastic. So we thought, “why not show them off?”.

First up is Finbarr, one of the Directors, who many of you know from your work with him on your plans. He has been a Financial Adviser for 22 years now, following his previous career as a military policeman.

Hi Finbarr, thank you for stepping into our spotlight. Let’s start easy: can you describe your work in just three words?

That certainly is an easy one – “Helping lovely clients”.

And they make a sentence, very clever. What’s been your proudest moment at Goodmans to date?

There have been many, and it would be obvious to choose a client-related one, but I would actually have to say watching the younger team members progress and develop.

That must be very satisfying indeed. Finbarr, what keeps you smiling at work every day?

The team and the clients sending me funny, silly stuff. One client sends me random thoughts on the world, lockdown etc. Others send holiday snaps. So I guess the real answer here is that the community around Goodmans keeps me smiling.

We agree, we’ve got a really great community spirit with our clients and team. What’s on your reading or listening list at the moment? Maybe a book or a podcast?

The Strike series of novels by J K Rowling – I love a bit of crime fiction.

You’ll have to let us know how they are when you’re done. What keeps you busy when you’re not working?

Walking, kayaking, travel, time with kids and Clare. Family time is really important to me as I had a bad start in life, so as a result I really value family.

Family time is golden, and it’s wonderful when you’re able to take something negative and turn it into a positive. Now, this is a hard one: what’s the best thing about the South West?

Big question! Where do I start? I love the scenery. I love walking in our beautiful landscape. You can’t beat kayaking and boating on the waterways. The people are nice, and more relaxed than the South East. I just feel that where we live is fab. Also, there are loads of high-quality local foods and alcohol produced down here. Can’t beat it.

It’s hard to choose the best things, but you’ve done a pretty good job of it. Would you tell us the quote or phrase that goes through life with you?

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re usually right.”
From my Army days, I use “Can’t means won’t and won’t means jail”, or “there’s no such word as can’t”.

Strong words indeed! We’re coming to the end, so let’s end on something inspirational. Who is your hero and why?

This is pretty much impossible, but I will give a hero category: the older generation who suffered such challenges that we can’t even contemplate to keep our country safe. If I had to pick just one, it would be Captain Sir Tom Moore and those like him. I also have huge respect for the Queen.

And, finally, if you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Live more, worry less. I think that as you get older you become more conscious of life and its importance, and what the important bits are. Mind you, although it would be useful to know this in your youth, I’m not sure you would understand it in your youth…

Wise closing words. Thank you, Finbarr!