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Team Spotlight: Sam Capstick, Financial Planner


We’ve taken our spotlight on the road to our Exeter office this time to home in on one of our financial planning team, Sam. Over the last five years, it’s been brilliant watching Sam go from a relative newbie in the industry to the accomplished Financial Planner he is today. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Hi Sam, get ready for your starter for ten: describe your work in three words.

Providing future clarity.

We like what you did there! Although we’re sure you have a few to choose from, can you pinpoint your proudest moment at Goodmans so far? 

Every time we help get a client over the line into retirement, it is such a wonderful thing to be involved in. I’m so proud of myself for getting in a position to help clients through this process.

That’s the Goodmans spirit in action, right there. The last answer might have been a big clue, but what keeps you smiling at work every day?

Simply hearing from our clients. Whether it’s an email with a wedding photo from clients who have just tied the knot or calls from those excited about receiving their first pension payments, it’s just genuinely good to hear from them.

That really goes to show the special community we have here… Now, tell us what's on your reading list at the moment?

Right now, I’m obsessed with all things Wim Hof (‘The Iceman’). Not quite at his level yet – I’m not a viking – but I do very much enjoy icy cold showers, so it’s a start.

Well, best of luck trying to keep up with him! Other than extreme showering, what keeps you busy when you’re not working?

Cooking! I’m the cook in our house, which is fine by me as it means I don’t have to clean. That and enjoying the outdoors and spending time on the golf course.

How about a trickier question – what do you think is the best thing about the South West?

100% the environment and landscape. Forests, moors and beaches all within a stone's throw.

Yes, how lucky we are in this corner of the country. What about a quote or phrase that goes through life with you?

As I’m originally from the North, it has to be “It’ll be reet”. I’m very much an optimist so I say it daily!

We know you do! Moving on, who is your hero and why?

My dad, without doubt. Even through severe ill health, he still manages to keep a smile on all of our faces. Plus, I’m confident he’s actually a superhero, with his superpower being the ability to be best mates with anyone who he comes into contact with.

Sounds like a great man, and you’re obviously a good son to recognise that! Let’s wrap up with the one piece of advice you’d give your younger self if you could.

To never waste a day nor waste any time, because it’s true what they say about time going quicker as you get older. I’m starting to realise that now!

I think you’re a fair way behind most of us, but a good sentiment nonetheless! Thank you Sam, it was a pleasure quizzing you.