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Team spotlight: Andrew Moore

You may know the Goodmans team from your work with them, but how often do you ask them questions about who their hero is or what the best thing about the South West is? Not often, we’d wager.

In this Team Spotlight we’re getting to know our Director Andrew Moore a little better. When David Goodman retired in 2010, Andrew merged his business with David’s to create Goodmans Financial Planning. He’s a specialist in pension transfers, retirement, and investment planning, helping his clients to retire early with confidence and security.

Let’s get to questioning.

Hello Andrew, thank you for stepping into our spotlight. First of all, please could you describe your work in three words?

Hmm. I would say: definite, optimistic, and clarity.

Three most excellent words. What’s been your proudest moment at Goodmans to date?

I would have to say seeing over a hundred of our clients at our first Dartington Client Lunch, drinking and being merry. Happy clients are the buzz that makes this work so fulfilling.

Ah yes, it’s lovely to look back on the photographs. Hopefully we will be able to do another one soon. Andrew, what’s on your reading or listening list at the moment?

I usually read two or three books at once to give me a bit of variety. On my coffee table at the moment are:

  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. A bit of political intrigue and history keeps me occupied.
  • The Wim Hof Method: Activate Your Potential, Transcend Your Limits, by Wim Hof. He’s a crazy old Dutch guy who loves ice baths. Life is so boring without people like Wim.
  • Life Centred Planning by Paul Armson and Mitch Anthony. One has to learn from the masters!

Excuse us while we add the Wim Hof book to our reading list. What keeps you busy when you’re not working?

I like to keep active and love getting away to Scotland. My new game is ‘Munro bagging’ – it’s very popular in Scotland, it’s where walkers tick off 282 peaks, sometimes over a lifetime. I want to wear through at least one set of trail shoes a year.

That said, in the winter I’m relegated to my Peloton Bike. #goodmanspeddlars is the tag I ride under!

That’s incredible. Today we learned what Munro bagging is. Here’s the million-dollar question: What’s the best thing about the South West?

Rare Breeds Pale Ale from Butcombe Brewery! A close second is Elmhirst Cheese from Sharpham. And coming in third is a nice steak from the butchers at Darts Farm in Topsham.

You’re making us hungry! Do you have a quote or phrase that goes through life with you?

Yes – “Infinite patience creates immediate results”.

That’s a lot of wisdom packed into a very succinct phrase. We like it. Since we’re coming to the end, let’s end with some more inspiration. Who is your hero and why?

I’m not one for putting people on a pedestal, although I think Elon Musk is possibly the most important person alive at the moment.

Elon aside, the person that has stuck in my mind the most was a lone walker that I met whilst climbing a Munro in the Cairngorms. He was slowly making the pace ahead of me until we met at the summit. After chatting about my plans to get the Munros done by the time I’m 60, he let on that he started at 60 and has now done over 200 over the last 10 years. He admitted that the heart condition he had developed slowed him down, but in his mind he was on track. I admire him because the clear risk of a heart attack hasn’t stopped him enjoying what he loves in life. He was still out there on his own drinking in the joy that comes from being alone in high places.

‘The joy that comes from being alone in high places’ sounds like it could be the title of a book or poem. He sounds like a true inspiration. So, to end: if you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

Really don’t bother yourself about other people’s opinions. Funnily enough, I was actually told that by somebody during my twenties, when I was running my first business. It’s only now that I’m past caring… I think.

Wise, wise words. Thank you for your time, Andrew. We’ll turn off the spotlight now.