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​Be-IQ – try the Beam app

We have a little bit of entertainment for you

We all have our little foibles and ways of making decisions. We have innate biases that are very well understood by the academics. So well understood that you can identify them through fun, lockdown boredom relieving games that can help you become more self-aware.

Goodmans have partnered with Be-IQ to provide you with a little bit of fun. Fun with a serious intent of course!
Be-IQ is a leading behavioural insights consultancy and has worked hard to produce an easy to use app that helps you identify your underlying biases. 

Now this might sound a bit dull but trust us, they are fun to complete, and the insights are very useful. All our advisers have completed theirs and it is interesting to see what influences their decisions.


If you are happy to have a play, please download the FREE app called BEAM. The app is only available through the Apple app store at the moment, but an android version is coming soon.

If nothing else, BEAM will help you become more self-aware. All the results and data are held on your phone and you are in control of that. You can share your results by emailing us at and letting us know that you have completed the games. We will then send a link which connects your app to the Goodmans Be-IQ system. 

This helps our advisers when they work with you. It is possible that your adviser makes decisions in a very different manner to you. They may have a different set of biases and this can affect communication.

Have a go and I am sure that your adviser will show you their results at your next review so you can compare.



Financial Planner

Andrew is a Director of Goodmans Financial Planning and has worked within financial services for over ten years looking after businesses, business owners and personal clients.

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