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Pensions can be your pandemic lifeline for over 55s

For many people aged over 55, pensions are becoming an unexpected lifeline during the Covid-19 pandemic. As financial pressures grow, many of you are asking ‘can I retire or semi-retire early’, ‘what are my pension options’ or ‘can I get my tax-free lump sum cash?’

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Transferring a pension takes time – preparation is key

Transferring out of a defined benefit company pension is not suitable for many people but it can be highly beneficial for some. Goodmans Financial Planning has helped many such clients achieve their retirement dreams – often much earlier than expected – by transferring, where suitable.

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Should you be aiming to sell your business twice?

Andrew Moore, Director of Goodmans Financial Planning, explores the concept of selling your business twice. This article was originally published in the Summer Edition of Devon Life Business & Professional .

Following on from my previous article in Devon Life Business and Professional on the importance of having a clear game plan for your own life, I am going to touch on the specific issue of using a business to fund your retirement years.

For many business owners, a large part of their retirement plan is to eventually sell the business they’ve built, step back and enjoy a well-deserved and well-funded retirement. When it works, this strategy is brilliant, and we see many clients at this stage with a handsome amount of capital to make use of, and investment decisions to make.

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