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Peter Williams

Peter Williams

The reason I trust Finbarr is every financial review that we’ve had on a yearly basis he’s presented the performance of the plan in such a way that I understand it. He sits you down and says this is what you’ve got, this is what you need and this is how we’re going to get there.”

Peter Williams is Senior Vice President Process Development for a US company and spends his time working between the UK and the US. Peter first sought pension advice in his mid-fifties from Finbarr, Director and Chartered Financial Planner at Goodmans and soon realised that there was work that needed to be done to get his pension investment where he wanted it to be. After looking at where things were going Peter knew that he needed to implement Finbarr’s advice.

Peter values his annual financial reviews with Finbarr and finds that the performance of his plan is presented in such a way that he understands it. He appreciates clearly understanding what he’s got, what he needs for his lifestyle and how the financial plan is going to get him there. Now Peter counts Finbarr as one of his friends and enjoys each yearly review.

One of the best things Peter now enjoys is his trike and loves spending his weekends driving around the countryside and up over Exmoor. His trike is definitely a crowd puller wherever he goes, people always stop and ask him where he bought it from and want to know more. Knowing that he can enjoy his money and pursue his passions in life has brought Peter greater financial freedom and security.

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