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James and Wendy Coulton

“If I’ve ever got a question, or a concern, I know that Andrew or any of the team are only at the end of a phone or an email and they are just so quick at responding. You just get really sound, clear, consistent guidance and that’s what you need.”

James and Wendy are a vibrant, busy couple, combining a blended family with their own careers, as well as looking after a very special addition to the family, Theo the cockapoo.

After many years working in Media and Communications, Wendy is now a Funeral Celebrant and conducts Celebration of Life funerals around the south West. James also had a successful career, in the leisure and cultural industries, and now has a multi gold award winning touring company, Select South West Tours

Here they discuss what they found so refreshing about meeting Andrew, and the financial lifestyle planning advice they have received. One of the first things that became clear to them was that they could enjoy life now, and go on the holidays they had been dreaming about. Secure in the knowledge that their money wouldn’t run out, they have thoroughly enjoyed their trips to South Africa and also a Caribbean cruise so far.

Wendy has found the approach by Goodmans to be refreshing and James talks about how it has been transformational to them. Andrew’s financial advice has given them the confidence to do more of what they want to do now, rather than waiting until they are retired.

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