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Anthony Power

Advice from Goodmans has given me the confidence to retire earlier than I originally thought I would. The information is always really good on how your investments are performing and the rates of return you can expect. If anybody asks me to recommend a financial adviser, I’d certainly recommend Andrew.”

Anthony Power lives in West Cornwall, near Penzance. Before retiring he used to work for the National Trust managing the historic and fascinating Levant Mine in Cornwall. Anthony has been a client of Goodmans since 2012 and it was after his yearly review meeting with Andrew Moore, Director at Goodmans, that he had his ‘aha’ moment on the train home realising he could retire earlier than planned.

For Anthony this meant having more time to pursue his passion in music with his band Du Glas. Now Anthony has the time to play in gigs all over Cornwall and is realising his aspirations to release an album this year. Anthony describes the advice he received from Goodmans as sound and sensible, noting that it’s always been and continues to be friendly, relaxed and professional.

His yearly reviews with Andrew provided Anthony with the confidence to retire years earlier than planned and now Anthony can focus on his band and his love for music.

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