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Lunch and investment psychology

Jun 30, 2017

Savvy investors were recently given a thought-provoking insight into financial decision making and how individuals react to market changes, good and bad, at the Goodmans annual client lunch.

This year’s event followed on from the successes of our inaugural lunch in 2016, with even more of our clients keen to attend and celebrate Goodmans success over the last year and hear about plans for the future. It was held once again at Plymouth’s historic Duke of Cornwall Hotel but this year expanded in to the Ballroom to meet the demand for places.

Members of the Goodmans team took the opportunity to thank our clients for their support and to unveil a number of initiatives including our new sustainable portfolio, developed to meet investor demand and widen the our service.

This year’s keynote speaker was Greg B Davies of Centapse: a specialist in applied decision science and behavioural finance, who previously headed up the world’s first behavioural finance team at Barclays. Greg offered the audience an often amusing and perplexing insight in to how and why they made their investment decisions, as well as shedding some light on how they could revise their thinking to make better, more balanced choices.

Finbarr O’Reilly, senior financial planner, made guests aware of the implications surrounding recent tax changes before presenting them with our new showcase document, the Matrix Book 2017, created as a review of key events for the Goodmans Team in 2016 as well as a fascinating insight into historical market returns, inflation and other aspects of investing.

Director Andrew Moore talked to clients about the plans already underway to open an office in Exeter, in addition to the existing Plymouth and Totnes branches, necessitated by the increasing demand on the existing team for their exceptional advice and support in planning clients’ financial futures. He also ran through the reasoning behind, and the benefits of, the new Goodmans sustainable portfolios: created to fill an increasingly evident need in the market .

Sustainable investing is an approach that tilts a portfolio towards companies that contribute to a sustainable future, and away from companies that operate in ways that are unsustainable and damaging to the generations to come. The clear objective of sustainable investment is to collect a return on capital without damaging the prospects of future generations. The Goodmans sustainable portfolios seek to add a meaningful tilt towards companies that demonstrate high sustainability scores, without compromising any of our existing core investment beliefs.

Looking back on his time in the financial industry David Goodman MBE, who founded the firm in 1995, spoke to the diners about how technology had made an exponential, positive difference to planning, enabling the delivery of ever better outcomes for clients. Closing the event, he reflected on his experiences in the business and how, in some ways, with the new advances he’d like to be involved in the decision-making process again, although as Goodmans clients, he and his wife were now enjoying their retirement to the max!

We look forward to seeing you at our next annual lunch in 2018!