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Pensions can be your pandemic lifeline for over 55s

For many people aged over 55, pensions are becoming an unexpected lifeline during the Covid-19 pandemic. As financial pressures grow, many of you are asking ‘can I retire or semi-retire early’, ‘what are my pension options’ or ‘can I get my tax-free lump sum cash?’

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​‘Vox populi’ and the wisdom of crowds

Some of you reading this short note are either living in Devon or have previously travelled down to Devon for a lovely trip amongst the rolling fields, moors and beautiful beaches of this somewhat remote county.

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Transferring a pension takes time – preparation is key

Transferring out of a defined benefit company pension is not suitable for many people but it can be highly beneficial for some. Goodmans Financial Planning has helped many such clients achieve their retirement dreams – often much earlier than expected – by transferring, where suitable.

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Goodmans Client Lunch

3 May 2019 at Dartington Hall, Totnes

We had a wonderful lunch at the historic Dartington Hall for our clients, a chance for us to come together and enjoy great food, wine and conversation. We were all inspired and enthralled by our guest speaker, Debra Searle MVO, MBE who spoke to us about her experience rowing solo across the Atlantic. After hearing about choosing the right attitude to life and work, we had much to talk about over lunch. Thank you to our clients that came to spend a truly enjoyable day with us. We hope you enjoy the photographs.

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Nuts, Nuts, Nuts! Will you have enough to see you through?

Andrew Moore, Managing Director and Independent Financial Planner, explores the issue of running out of money in retirement

Squirrels have a simple strategy for the winter months. Collect all the nuts in the autumn, hide them and then try to remember where they put the nuts when they are hungry. They have an inbuilt urge to bury as many as they can, and usually have enough to see them through. It is pretty similar to most people’s retirement strategy. We build up all our assets in our 40s, 50s and 60s, i.e. the late summer and early autumn of our lives, and hope we have enough to see us through the winter.

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Goodmans financial planning qualification success

A team that aims high

It’s been a month of achievements here at Goodman’s. Not only have our client managers been busy ensuring all work behind the scenes is running smoothly for our clients but they have also been studying hard for their exams.

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Cashflow planning when approaching retirement

Andrew Moore, the director of leading South West Financial Planning Firm, Goodmans, has been talking about cashflow planning in retirement in industry go-to publication, New Model Adviser.

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Lunch and investment psychology

Savvy investors were recently given a thought-provoking insight into financial decision making and how individuals react to market changes, good and bad, at the Goodmans annual client lunch.

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Acting as an attorney or trustee? Read on...

Attorneys are often not aware of the full scope of their duties and powers; or the restrictions and guidance they are required to adhere to as laid down in the lasting power of attorney (LPA).

You may have already been thwarted in your attempts to carry out your duties as attorney, when dealing with banks and insurance companies. While the intention is to allow you to act on behalf of another due to their incapacity (mental or physical), there is undeniably much confusion around operating and implementing the power of attorney.

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